For Women Who Are Concerned About Osteoporosis…Has Your Doctor Ordered This Simple Test To See How Fast You’re Losing Bone? Probably Not!

by Scott on February 15, 2015 5 Comments

Osteoporosis is a condition that can dangerously weaken the structure of bone.  It affects over 200 million people worldwide, most of which are women.


This is usually measured by something called a bone density test.  This is performed using low dose x-rays and gives a snapshot of how dense your bones are and whether or not you are at increased risk of fracture.


Now this is a very important test and gives a good baseline of where a person is.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you the rate of bone loss.  Doesn’t it make sense to know how fast you are gaining or losing bone?  That would let you know if your treatment/supplementation was working…long before your two year follow up bone density test.


The Urinary Bone Resorption Assessment does just that.  It uses a simple inexpensive urine test that gives an accurate measure of bone turnover ...

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Good Sleep: One of the Most Powerful Health Practices You Can Follow

by Scott on January 19, 2015 21 Comments

The most powerful body building, health and beauty aide available to humans is free...and completely controlled by you.


By Karen Van Ness

One of the most beneficial practices you can follow is to leverage the power of constructive habits. Good habits can improve your overall quality of life, including increased health and productivity.

 What is one of the most, if not THE most, important health habit you can adopt?

 The habit of getting sufficient, good quality sleep.

 We often look externally for the answers and resources to our health and fitness-related challenges. What supplement should I take? What new exercise regime or gizmo should I follow or use? And so forth. But the most powerful ergogenic, health and beauty aide available to humans is free...and completely controlled by you.

 Yes I know: it can be very difficult to get enough sleep. There's just too ...

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How Does Cold Laser Therapy Help?

by Scott on January 27, 2014 28 Comments

First of all, I want to make clear that the laser we use in the office is probably not what you're thinking.  We are not doing surgery...we are not removing tattoos...and we are not removing unsightly body hair. 

Low Level Light Therapy (or Cold Laser) is just that - cold.  It has a much lower power output (5 mW) than those mentioned above.  Which is not strong enough to create the unwanted tissue heating or cell vibration.  But does have enough power at the right wavelength (635 nm) to cause some pretty cool effects in the body.

What happens is- the laser light passes through the skin and sitmulates the power-house of the cell (mitochondria) to produce more energy, promote better cell communication, improved tissue growth, enhanced cell nutrition, and extended cell life.  That translates into a faster health time, less pain, and better function.

Results can be ...

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Hand Pain And Its Causes

by Scott on November 1, 2010 308 Comments



When hand pain strikes, it can be a difficult problem to deal with since we use our hands for so much; our work, our play. It can also be distressing psychologically to have a part of your body not working as it should.

Hand pain can be a difficult thing to diagnose since there are many causes of hand pain. One familiar cause is a carpal tunnel syndrome. This is where the bony tunnel in the wrist is narrowed, entrapping the nerves that pass through and go into the hand.

Another cause for hand pain is a thoracic outlet syndrome. The thoracic outlet can be compressed in the shoulder girdle region causing hand pain, often at night.

The last thing to consider with hand pain is a neck problem such as a disk lesion compressing the nerves in the neck causing referred or radicular (nerve root) pain into the hand ...

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Could Neck Problems Be Affected By Your Posture?

by Scott on November 1, 2010 13 Comments


While most of us have a look in the mirror at least once a
day, few of us look at our appearance from a different angle, such as from the
side. But, the view from the side can be quite revealing if you suffer from
chronic neck pain.

First, note the position of your head in relation to you
shoulders. Is it right above the shoulders or does it lean forward from your
chest? If it does, this would be called forward head posture, and can come from
a problem in your neck. Lower areas of your spine can also cause this problem.
Some of us have increased our weight over the years with much of it added to
our abdominal region. Because of this increased core weight, the body must
counter-balance the weight gain by causing the lumbar spine to "sway-

While this “sway-back” problem can create pain ...

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Fibromyalgia and Cord Compression?

by Scott on October 31, 2010 15 Comments


Fibromyalgia is a difficult problem to diagnose or determine
its cause. Since exercises, diet, and weight loss can be so helpful to
fibromyalgia patients, we may think they can completely solve the problem.

Chiropractors recognize the importance of good spinal
posture in affecting a variety of health problems, including fibromyalgia. It's
important to not think of the disease as having a single solution, but rather
as a more complex entity, needing a comprehensive approach. But is there any
research on the spine being involved in patients with fibromyalgia?

Recent research (Holman AJ. Positional cervical spinal cord
compression and fibromyalgia: a novel comorbidity with important diagnostic and
treatment implications. J Pain 2008; May 20 epub.) has looked into a
specific  problem seen in fibromyalgia
patients: spinal cord compression. The scientist took MRIs of fibromyalgia
patients with the neck in different positions such as max forward and backward
bend. These positions ...

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