Amazing Technology Relieves Serious Back Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

“Who Else Wants To End Their Back Pain…Quickly, Safely,

And Without Drugs Or Surgery?”

The Smart, Simple, and Easy Way To Treat Your Disc Injury!

From:          Dr. Scott MacIver

Subject:  Treatment for Low back pain


Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

   I get it.  You’ve had enough!  Your back-pain/Leg pain has kept you out of work for far too long.  You haven’t been able to play with your children like you want to…It just hurts too much. 

Forget about going out to dinner…you just can’t sit for that long.  

Pain medication helps, but doesn’t fix the pain, and you have to keep taking them.  You know that can’t be good for you.

The Doctor said that surgery might help…but who wants to be cut!  There has to be another option.

          Time Tested Technology Can Heal Your Disc Injury!

Spinal Decompression is a non-surgical therapy for Low Back Injuries that has been around for over 20 years, and has been proven to work. 

What spinal decompression does is reduce the pressure inside the disc, helping to suck the bulging, or herniated disc material back inside the disc.  This allows the disc to heal and also takes pressure off the spinal nerves…reducing pain, numbness, and tingling.

The equipment we use is FDA approved and called the DRX 9000. 

            The main conditions the DRX 9000 has documented success with are:

  •  Back pain
  •  Sciatica
  •  Herniated and/or bulging discs (single or multiple)
  •  Degenerative disc disease
  •  A relapse or failure following surgery
  •  Facet syndromes

A very important note:  The DRX 9000 has been successful with even the most severe cases… even when NOTHING else has worked.  Even after failed surgery.

What Are Treatments Like?

Patients typically undergo 15 to 20 treatments sessions.  Each treatment last between 30 – 45 minutes.  This, of course, depends on your individually case and is determined by a thorough evaluation.

          Following each session, a cold pack and electric muscle stimulation are applied to help pain relief and speed the healing process.

          It is important to note that many patients get substantial, immediate relief after just a few treatments.  Some after just one.

How Do I Find Out If Spinal Decompression Will Help Me?

In order to see if this treatment could help you, we would need to sit down and discuss your particular condition and perform an evaluation to see if you qualify for this kind of treatment. 

I don’t take everyone who wants to try this treatment.  You see…I only want those patients who have a very good chance of success.  I don’t want to waste my time or yours if you have little chance of responding to this kind of treatment.  So I screen carefully who I accept for this kind of treatment.

The qualification exam includes:

  • A consultation with me, Dr. Scott MacIver.  We will review your entire health history and answer any questions you may have.
  • A complete back pain/spinal decompression qualification case history and questionnaire to help determine if you are a candidate for the DRX 9000.
  • A focused examination of your condition.
  • If you qualify.  I will also include a complimentary decompression session for you to experience first-hand what a treatment feels like. 

To see if you qualify, Call Today at (508) 881-7766 to set up your Decompression qualification evaluation.  The cost for this evaluation is $67.  If you are accepted for treatment, this will be applied to the cost of your treatment. 

P.S.- One of the biggest “accepted” myths about back pain is that it goes away all by itself, without any treatment.  Most doctors believe the claim that 90% of episodes of low back pain will resolve within one month.  Well, a May 1998 study in the British Medical Journal proved this myth false.  Here are the eye opening results:   

          Patients condition 12 months after initial medical consultation -

                   No pain & No Disability………….25%

                   Pain Or Disability…………………25%

                   Pain AND Disability……………...50%

          The authors of the study concluded:

“This takes account of two consistent observations about low-back pain: firstly, a previous episode of low-back pain is the strongest risk factor for a new episode, and, secondly, by age 30 years almost half the population will have experienced a substantive episode of low-back pain.  These figures simply do not fit with claims that 90% of episodes of low back pain end in complete recovery.”12

          My conclusion….75% of back pain sufferers will have either pain or disability or pain AND disability one year after their initial consultation to a medical doctor...It is clear that back pain does NOT get better without PROPER treatment.